About Good Sol

Nicole Snow, Founder of Darn Good Yarn and Good Sol poses with a group of artisans in India.

Good Sol began in a funny sort of way…

It all started with Darn Good Yarn. DGY served a mission to provide artisans in India with safe and sustainable year round employment. It started with just recycled yarn then turned into so much more. These artisans had many capabilities, one of which was sewing.  By selling our one-of-a-kind wrap skirts on the Darn Good Yarn website we were able to make an even greater impact in the communities we were working with.

Indian artisans creating recycled clothing in their workshop.

All we really wanted to do was make interesting things and do our part to help the greater good. The best part is that we achieved what we set out to do! We’ve saved over a million pounds of fabric from going into a landfill, employ over 300 women in India, and have created a community of thousands that encourage and empower each other every day. Darn Good Yarn and Good Sol don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

The thing was, it wasn’t until these skirts started flying out of our warehouse that we discovered the real secret: You feel good when you wear clothes that you love. It’s really that simple. Clothing you wear - and objects you own - should make you feel alive and happy. We all have a closet full of ideas, and we all need to rediscover what it means to feel creative and empowered every single day. It was with this discovery that we realized we could do so much more for you, our customer, to help you nourish yourself from the inside out, starting with your soul.

5 Women wearing Sari Wrap Skirts made from recycled materials.

Numbers are silly things, what matters is how you feel. So we don’t care about sizes at Good Sol, we care about how our product makes your Soul feel. All of our clothing is made for you to wear through all of life's changes. The design of each piece is carefully thought about and ensured to be able to wear in multiple ways and with multiple sizes. No one should be left out from being able to find beautiful, sustainable, and colorful clothing. That’s why our sizing covers sizes 0-26, and every inch in between. It’s time to rethink our relationship with our closets and ourselves. It’s time to stop waiting for your body to fit into clothes and instead purchase clothes that fit your body. Rediscover what it means to wear powerful clothing, clothing that makes you feel comfortable exactly the way you are. It’s time to love yourself from the inside out.

Nicole Snow, Founder of Good Sol wearing a sari wrap skirt while walking in Troy, New York


Feel the divine power of being a woman. Step out of your shell and try something bold and colorful, we promise you’ll like the way it makes you feel.

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