woman in a surf board wearing a sari wrap skirt
woman wearing a red bright skirt with a lake in the background
woman wearing a yellow and teal skirt on a beach
woman wearing a yellow and brown skirt on a beach
woman wearing a sari wrap skirt as a dress

Sari Beach Wrap

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These unique sari skirts are perfect for any occasion, specially if you're planning to go to the beach. These skirts are versatile, reversible and won't take any space in your baggage.

Adding a magic wrap skirt to your beach outfit will definitely give you a sense of happiness- after all, there won't be anyone around wearing the same skirt as yours!

Sizing Chart



Girls 4/5-13/14
Waist: 18-24"|Length: 32-34"


Womens 0-12
Waist: 23-40"|Length: 32-34"


Womens 8-20
Waist: 28-46"|Length: 32-34"


Womens 14-32
Waist: 35-60"|Length: 40"

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AnkleLength: 33" (Goddess: 40")
MiniLength: 20" (Goddess: 28")

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WomensSize 0-12
PlusSize 8-20
GoddessSize 14-32

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