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Do you love eco-friendly fashion as much as you love bold design? Then you'll love the story behind our beautiful recycled sari wrap skirts at The Good Sol! These unique garments are created by our manufacturers in a joint effort to provide employment for female artists in India and to recycle beautiful silk materials that might otherwise have gone to waste. The result of this partnership is a product that is bold, beautiful and fun to wear while also mutually beneficial to the planet and to a select group of artisan women. We are so proud to offer you these one-of-a-kind skirts, and we can't wait to tell you all about them.


Each of the sari wrap skirts we offer for sale is completely unique. Every single skirt is entirely made from upcycled Sari material. A sari is a traditional silk garment worn by the women of India. Just like anyone else, Indian women find that from time to time they wish to discard their worn garments and clothing that they no longer like. Rather than have these beautiful silk pieces end up in a landfill, representatives from our manufacturing department collect the unwanted saris from these women for use in making our skirts. In exchange for the materials, we give these women valuable and sought after kitchen tools and appliances that they can use in their daily lives.

Once they have been collected, the discarded saris are carefully sorted and inspected. This process allows us to select only the best pieces for use in creating new clothing. All of the materials we select are then cleaned professionally before being delivered to the women artisans who piece and create each finished recycled skirt.

Most of the discarded sari material we collect is silk. Because silk is usually an expensive material to work with, using recycled sari silk to create these skirts means we can bring you beautiful and stylish silk pieces at a much more affordable price than usual. While there will be some polyester pieces amongst the recycled saris, we like our sari skirts to be made of at least 80% silk. We will use some polyester, but our manufacturers select only the choicest pieces, and they will make up only a small portion of any given garment.

Once the materials have been delivered to the seamstresses, they are ready to be turned into the gorgeous sari skirts that we offer for sale. This is the part where we provide work for Indian women who are desperately in need of income. Each skirt is individually handmade by one of our highly skilled female artisans. She will begin the process by selecting the fabric pieces she wants to use, and then she will cut the fabric into the appropriate shapes. The fabric is then pieced together and sewn into a wrap-around sari skirt. We are fully confident in and proud of the work done by these artisans. They consistently turn around high quality finished garments that we are delighted to present to you.

High Quality

It's probably very obvious how much we love the upcycled and reused aspect of these sari skirts! But we also love how each finished piece is like a unique work of art. While we will always use only the highest quality materials we can find in our recycling process, some pieces do come with minor imperfections. But we like to see these little imperfections more as beautifully unique features rather than flaws. Rest assured, we only deliver the very best in finished garments, and, as such, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with your new recycled skirt from The Good Sol.

Because the original saris come in so many different colors and hundreds of different patterns, you will never see two of our sari skirts that are exactly the same. We truly want each of our finished skirts to be as unique as the women who will wear them.

As if this were not enough, these sari skirts are also incredibly versatile. Despite being created in bold colors and exciting patterns, they can easily be dressed up or down and worn in many different ways. Perfect for a minimalistic wardrobe, or for those who travel a lot, these garments can be worn as skirts, dresses, shawls or tops. Each skirt is also reversible, which means it presents two different unique patterns. With the reversible feature and the multiple ways, it can be worn, just one sari skirt will give you dozens of different outfit options. Essentially, you are getting multiple beautiful, handmade silk garments all for the price of one skirt.
Another fantastic aspect of the sari skirt is that it will always fit you. Every single one of our skirts is designed for a 'one size fits all' range of women. No matter how your body might change in size or weight throughout the years, your sari skirt will always work with your body type.

So, now you know the story of the sari skirt: our favorite upcycled, versatile garment that will always be there for you, no matter where life takes you. We are so proud to offer you a wide range of these stunning, recycled silk skirts that are the byproduct of a movement focused on eco-friendly design and female empowerment. Let the love of Mother Earth and the love of fellow women flow through you whenever you wear one of our breathtaking, upcycled sari skirts.

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